Monday, September 2, 2013

A Reading Life...It's back!

I figured since I'm failing hugely at doing any writing for my Sit Down and Write 4 (except for a couple of reviews and blog posts), that I could at least start back to posting this on Mondays. I haven't done since June. Wow!

Listening To:  I bought an adapter that allows me to play a portable device (mp4 player, CD player) through the radio in my car so I can now listen to audio books again without it skipping and having errors every few seconds. So, I'm listening to Blood of the Lamb by Sam Cabot

Books finished last week:  
The Tudor Conspiracy, C.W. Gortner (REVIEW)
Magnolia & Lotus, edited by Ian Haight (REVIEW)

City of Bones, Cassandra Clare
Cloud Atlas, David Mitchell (TuesBookTalk)
The Historian, Elizabeth Kostova (read-a-long)
Jane Eyre, Charlotte Bronte (Classics spin)
The Arrow Chest, Robert Parry (read-a-long at Castle Macabre)

Coming Up:  
I have review books this month, but I'm also hoping to pick up a couple more...possibly...
The Man in the Picture, Susan Hill
The Devil in the White City, Erik Larson
Lives of the Monster Dogs, Kirsten Bakis
Contact, Carl Sagan

Watching: Just finished watching Longmire last week. Such a great show! Also, the season finale of True Blood was quite a revelation. Still watching Dexter and Ray Donovan on Showtime and The White Queen on Starz. Great shows all around. Copper and Broadchurch on BBC America. I'm still watching Under the Dome, but I'm still not sure how I feel about it. Oh, and Silk on PBS's Masterpiece Mystery is excellent! At the theater, I've recently seen The Conjuring, Man of Steel, The Lone Ranger, Elysium. I liked them all a lot with Conjuring and Man of Steel being the stand outs for me.

Making:  I'm still cooking regularly. Mostly in the slow cooker. I found a great recipe for slow cooker Lasagna. But this recipe from Six Sisters' Stuff is definitely the stand out. Slow Cooker Cheesy BBQ Chicken Bacon Sandwiches. They are delicious! My sons love them. I use wheat slider buns and make smaller sandwiches. Not sure what I'm making this week. I go grocery shopping on Wednesdays so I have to make my list.

Grateful for: the long weekend we just had. After my work week last week, I was SO ready for an extra day off work.

Looking forward to:  Fall, cool weather, the gorgeous colors, all the fun, scary events going on around the blogosphere, including mine! Also, Insidious 2 coming out in two weeks!

Picture: Dollar Tree finds! The Ambassador's Mission, Trudi Canavan and The Kingdom of Ohio, Matthew Flaming

So, what's been going on in your Reading Life?


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  1. Loved this post, I've been meaning to read the city of bones. Have a great week :)

  2. Oooo before you know it will be time to Christmas read.

    I looove when I find something good at the Dollar store.

  3. I'm really liking this format and how you talk about what you've been doing! Can I get in on this action by borrowing your pic and then linking back here?

    Those shows make me wish I had cable! I've heard great things :) Dollar Tree book finds are teh best!

  4. Thanks! Hope you have a great week as well. =O)

  5. I know! Christmas is just around the corner. Can't wait!

  6. Of course you can, Heather. Anyone who wants to join in is welcome and use the pic as well. Just link back. =O)

    I love great finds at Dollar Tree!

  7. I was quite disappointed from True Blood this season. I don't think I'll be watching it anymore. I liked it when it was about civil rights and don't understand why they wavered away from that, it's not like there is lack of material to work with.

  8. So glad to see A Reading Life is back! Absolutely my favorite post. Haven't seen too many movies, but managed Kick Ass 2. There will be one more or so I'm hearing. I fell out of love with The White Queen, but still watch Ray D. and Sookie!

    Speaking of The Historian, have you read Stoker's Manuscript yet? I just started listening and it's pretty good so far. Reminds me of The Historian, but the main character is more like Dan Brown's Robert Langston, at least to me and it's still seriously early in the story.

  9. Those sandwiches look delicious! As usual, you have so much going on reading-wise!

  10. Yeah, I thought it was time. Now if I can just keep it up every week.

    No, I have not read that yet, but it sounds intriguing. Did you say it's available on Overdrive from the library? I may have to check it out when I get my new MP3 player.

  11. The sandwiches are delicious! You should try the recipe out. One of my most favorite discoveries.

  12. Yep, OverDrive at our library. I have soooooo many books on my wish list there. Never enough time. :)

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