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The Princess Diana Conspiracy by Alan Power: Guest Post and Review

The Princess Diana ConspiracyWriting the book

I have been asked about my time during the research and writing of The Princess Diana Conspiracy; it was long, frustrating and very hard on my poor suffering wife Sally who endured admirably, knowing that justice must be done but she did have an endearing term for the book; TFB, no further comment.

I didn’t tell Sally about the various experiences such as people watching me outside telephone kiosks where I had gone to make phone calls to avoid being identified in the early days or the unmarked Khaki helicopter hovering just above my house in North Wales, or the two men climbing up a telegraph pole having line of sight to my house. A serving police officer friend of mine ran past on one of his fitness trips; he returned to ask what they were up to and they rushed off down the road. When he later checked the car reg. it didn’t exist.

The research was daunting especially when dealing with the inquest evidence because it was necessary to read everything and essential all the important points that may not alone have been crucial would, when cross referenced with other points, become damming. Knowing what information might later be of interest in a total of four million words of evidence was a major task and gave me some serious headaches; but it got there.

My thoughts on The Princess Diana Conspiracy
Anyone who knows me knows that I adored Princess Diana. When I learned of her death, I was devastated and cried about it for days, just like she was a family member. To this day, I cannot think of her without being deeply saddened by the loss of such a beautiful light in our world.

Although it would be nice to believe that it was all just a terrible accident, one can't help but think that there might have been some foul play in her death. According to Power's book, Diana knew a lot of royal secrets and her popularity with the public made her even more dangerous because anything she revealed would most likely be believed. In light of recent news that the British police were looking into new evidence surrounding the accident, a conspiracy might not be as unfounded as originally believed, although the police did stress that they were not reopening the investigation.

Power does bring to light some compelling, shall I say, evidence that there was indeed a conspiracy. I did find it interesting, though there was a tremendous amount of rehashing which made it a bit tedious. However, if what Power is saying is true, if proved, it could bring the British royalty to their knees. I'm not a conspiracy theorist by no means, but I would like to see Diana receive justice if it is proven that she was murdered. I wonder if we'll ever know?

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The Princess Diana Conspiracy is primarily a detailed investigation into the brutal murder of Diana, Princess of Wales but British democracy is also questioned. Evidence is presented that MI6 perverted the course of justice and that they murder people but also that Diana was a target “within their code”. The police are proven to have conspired, “to get their stories straight” at the inquest and there is also further disturbing evidence of other peoples’ murders that were associated with this brutal crime. We begin with a review of the details surrounding Diana’s murder and illustrate many coincidental happenings both during Diana’s life and thereafter (the plane that Richard Tomlinson, SAS/MI6 whistle-blower, was due to return to Geneva on, Swissair Flight 111 from New York where he was booked to give evidence on US television, blew up mid-air killing 227 people; the CIA had returned him on an earlier flight. Princess Caroline of Brunswick, whom George IV was ordered to marry, was taken ill on the eve of George’s coronation and died three weeks later; she claimed she had been poisoned. Her body was sent quickly back to Germany; there is clear precedence of such family behaviour). We are shown what Diana was required to tolerate and see her royal world. We then migrate onto describing how this attack took place and show, again, the amazing coincidences that made the timing of this act serendipitous to the royals e.g. Diana was murdered the very day after her decree absolute came through when she would have been free to marry Dodi Fayed. We delve deeply into the workings and testimony of the major players but especially the authorities (police and MI6) then show an enormous amount of corruption, sidestepping, (I am required to say untruths, not lies) and ridiculous testimony that no sane person could possibly accept; the court did not see fit to criticise either MI6 or the police when these revelations occurred. Please also take note of the various points I have disclosed, not previously discovered, of major comments during evidence that prove these “untruths” and the wholesale corruption. The police did not investigate the abuse of Diana prior to Paris and evidence is produced that MI6 were watching and following her around for years before the murder took place; the police did nothing and the policeman responsible for this did nothing to protect Diana either although it was supposedly his job; he couldn’t explain why. James Andanson, who was the owner of a white Fiat Uno, was found murdered with two bullet holes in his head. He had been bragging that he was in the tunnel when Diana was murdered. His good friend and well known French crime writer Frederic Dard “died” five weeks after Andanson. It is proven that he and Andanson had been engaged in writing a book together about Diana’s murder. It goes on and on. Add to this evidence that the decision to embalm Diana was taken at a “Diplomatic level” and that the paparazzi, who were incarcerated and blamed for the whole event, were prevented from attending court through “Political intervention” and the soul heads further and further into the abyss. If the paparazzi had persuaded the jury that they were first to the tunnel (Which I show they were) then this alone was proof of murder. There really is too much to tell you all during such a brief overview but the comment from one literary agent who read the book before my current agent took over was that he often felt he needed to stop frequently and come up for air. I thought that is what I was supposed to achieve; reveal the truth and let you, the people decide whether you will permit this evil act to go unpunished.

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The author is married to Sally and has enjoyed a variety of interests including being a drama student, an official candidate of the Conservative party and owning his own company but this is his first journey into the world of writing. His hobbies are flying, pistol shooting, scuba diving and he is a past rugby football player. He has written another book about Diana that will be published later and has ideas for other subjects that will also follow. When his company suffered the ravages of internal fraud with no joy from the police due to lack of evidence and a degree of police indifference, his life changed irrevocably but now he had the time to write. When Diana was murdered Alan remembers feeling rage that such a beautiful and natural person as Diana could be used, abused and so cruelly discarded just to serve the monarchy’s needs. He considered the probability that this was a murder of convenience and monarchical survival so he began an extensive investigation into Diana’s death. Although initially unsure he would be up to this task, he persevered and now offers evidence that this murder was not conducted by rogue MI6 officers, considered as possible during the inquests, but by serving MI6 officers and with the use of military aid. This project began in 2003 and despite many attempts by others to prevent, or delay, the book’s release Alan now brings you his findings. There is first an overview of the background to this brutal act and a selection of relevant events prior to the inquests with lateral thought being applied to four million words of cross referenced inquest evidence. He delivers the most compelling and damming evidence and says that it’s important for justice to prevail if Britain still wishes to be considered a democracy.

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  1. After Diana died, I became a little obsessed with her; I bought several books and a lot of magazines. She married Prince Charles about the same time I got engaged and for some reason that really made me feel particularly drawn to her. I'm not usually one for conspiracies and have always thought her death really was just a terrible accident. Still, books like this always make me wonder.

  2. It was the summer before 8th grade (I think) when she married him and I thought it was a fairy tale. I remember watching the made for tv movie and all. She was someone I admired, especially later when she started becoming her own woman. It does make you wonder. I'm kind of on the fence about it myself.

  3. I have read books like this one, ones that can make you believe in almost anything. I find that the reader has to use a lot of common sense, critical thinking, Google and a healthy dose of skepticism in order to decide for themselves what is true and what is not.

    I find that these conspiracy books generally package opinions or loose facts together with indisputable evidence to blur the lines.

    I'm not saying the author is wrong, I really don't know, but one has to decide for themselves.

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