Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Top Ten Tuesday: Bookish Memories

  1. My mom never let me get a toy when we would go to the store, but she would let me choose a book.  This led to my sister and I acquiring quite a collection of Little Golden Books and those smaller square counterparts.  I still have every single one.  My sister's kids and my sons have enjoyed them and now my future grandchildren will too.
  2. My mom reading us The Velveteen Rabbit.  Such a wonderful story, but it always made me cry.
  3. Reading the Little House on the Prairie books and Little Women between the ages of 8 and 10.  Loved them...and Little Women still remains a favorite and a frequent reread.
  4. Reading the Prydain Chronicles by Lloyd Alexander.  My first real exposure to fantasy.  They were the ones that hooked me on that genre. (I'm now reading this aloud to my sons)
  5. My first real horror novel was Comes the Blind Fury by John Saul.  I was a huge fan of his books when I was an adolescent and I still own several of his titles and read him from time to time.
  6. The discovery of one of my favorite books of all time, The Clan of the Cave Bear by Jean Auel, upon a recommendation from my favorite teacher...my high school English teacher, Mrs. Fitch.
  7. Discovering James A. Michener in high school with my reading of Chesapeake.  The start of my love for epic historical fiction.
  8. Stephen King...need I really say more?  I can't even remember which book of his I read first, but does it really matter?  He's awesome!
  9. Discovering Anne Rice via her third Vampire Chronicles novel, The Queen of the Damned.  When I was reading it, my mom walked to her bookshelf and pulled out a novel that I had seen there many times over the years.  It was Interview with the Vampire and she said, "The author of the book you're reading wrote this one too.  It's the first in the series."  I was hooked from that moment on and Rice remains my favorite author and The Queen of the Damned is my favorite book; I've read it four times.
  10. Discovering the book blogging community and finding my niche here.  I have met so many wonderfully bookish people, a terrific historical fiction community, a ton of read-a-thon, reading challenge, read-a-long addicts--like myself--and even more people who are enthralled with the speculative and scary which led to my starting my horror/speculative fiction blog, Castle Macabre.

What are your favorite bookish memories?



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  1. We just went and saw a puppet show of The Velveteen Rabbit. It was so adorable. Your book memories are lovely.

  2. I loved the Little House on the Prairie books so much!!!

  3. I love that your mom would only let you buy books when you went to the store; and that you still have all your little Golden Books.

    You are also a wonderful asset to the book blogging community!

  4. Awww, I love it when parents buy their kids books instead of toys :-)

  5. What great bookish moments! Especially that your mom would always let you choose a book. I had a nice collection of Little Golden books at one time too. I decided to be generous and donate them to my church youth group for a rummage sale. One of my bookish regrets. Here are my Top Ten Bookish Moments.

  6. Great bookish memories!

    I share your sentiments on the blogger community. It is fantastic! For me it started out as a fringe benefit to blogging and has now become the number one benefit.

  7. My mom always let me get a book too!
    Great list :)

  8. "Chesapeake" was a book that introduced me to a whole new kind of reading, too.

  9. I love these! We never had a lot of money but every Friday when my dad got paid he would give me $5 and let me walk to the bookstore to buy books :) $5 could sometimes buy me 2 back in the day!
    I am really looking forward to reading with Gage.

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