Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Random Read-a-Thon--Plans and Updates

Final update:
 I did so bad on this read-a-thon, it doesn't even warrant mentioning.  Another read-a-thon started yesterday so I will be signing up for it.  It's a week long so hopefully I'll have more success.  We shall see!

Oh yes, another read-a-thon! A lovely random little reading event hosted by April at My Shelf Confessions from now (actually 10/19 at 12:00am EST) until Tuesday, 10/23 at 12:00am EST.  So, Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and Monday! Yes, it's about 2:30am here and yes, I'm still up...reading The Drawing of the Three (yes, I'm behind on the read-a-long I'M hosting...I'm a terrible, terrible get-behind-on-everything-person) so I can finally post the discussion for the read-a-long.  I'm also supposed to be joining in on a discussion of Here Be Dragons by Sharon Kay Penman tomorrow at Historical Fiction Connection for our read-a-long there.  Guess what...yup, behind on that one too.  *hangs head in shame*  Okay, so April says this is totally random so you can sign up anytime (click the button) and read whatever you want.  Twitter hashtag is #randomRAT

What I'm reading...

  • The Drawing of the Three by Stephen King--I'm on page 121.  I need to read to page 277 by Sunday.
  • Here Be Dragons by Sharon Kay Penman--need to read to page 197...TOMORROW (actually today)
  • The Passage by Justin Cronin--on page 201.  Need to be to page 631 by Tuesday night.  Ugh! Great book though. =O)
  • The Witch's Trinity by Erika Mailman--Yup, I'm hosting a witchy reading challenge this month at Castle Macabre...and haven't even read one witchy book.  I hope to get this one read so I can squeeze in one or two more.  Yeah, I'm stupidly optimistic.
  • The Home by Scott Nicholson--another one I'd like to get in before the end of the month
Updates will be above all this mumbo jumbo, just below the button.



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  1. LMAO Michelle... You have some kind of ReadAThon Masochism/Addiction Thing. I say that with all due respect and probably some awe thrown in as well.

  2. Loved your button. Have it at the bottom of Happiness Is....

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