Monday, October 1, 2012

I'm late to the Bloggiesta party!

Final Update:
The tasks I completed are crossed off on my list below.  I didn't get it all done, but I'm happy with what I accomplished in a busy weekend.  I also completed the "Changing your RSS Feed" task at Truth, Beauty, Freedom and Books and the "Use a Website Grader" task at Smash Attack Reads.

I'd like to thank our hostesses once again.  I'm looking forward to the next one!


This is the first spare moment I've had to post my starting line post! My life is quickly spiraling out of control.  Aargh! Anyhoo, what shall I be doing for this illustrious event, hosted by the lovely ladies at There's a Book and It's All About Books?  Here we go (but I'm not committing to anything...I have commitment issues lately):

  • New blog header (and button, perhaps)--yes, I think it's time for a change Reconfigured the new button...check!
  • Update the header at Historical Fiction Connection (my blog with Marie)
  • I might back up at least one of my blogs...I know I need to, but it will depend on how long it takes
  • Update my calendar
  • Update my reading challenge stats at my challenge blog partially done
  • Get posts ready for FrightFall read-a-thon (starts Monday) at Seasons of Reading and Season of the Witch at Castle Macabre
  • Plan and announce sign-up for Sit Down and Write 2 in November
  • Put together sign-up posts for some events I want to participate in
  • Get post ready for the Christmas Spirit Reading Challenge
  • Post the final post for the Wolf Hall read-a-long...Yes, I'm THAT behind!
  • Pick winners for two giveaways that have been over for weeks (see line above)




Thank you for visiting and taking the time to comment. It means so much.

I apologize for word verification, but as soon as I changed the settings from only users with Google accounts, I started receiving a ton of spam comments...within one hour of changing the settings. The bots are on high alert apparently.

  1. Oh, what a gorgeous new header! I'm planning to change mine, too, but I have something complicated in mind, so it'll take me some time to make it. Good luck with your updating and post-writing and other goals, and have fun!

  2. Your blog looks lovely. And you are not as late as I am!

    Here's my ¡Olé! ¡Vamos a Bloggiesta! I hope you will stop by!

  3. That's an awfully long list for a late starter! ;) Mine was short, but I didn't accomplish much on it. I'm cheating and going into tomorrow because I'm off and I didn't get to do any Bloggiesta-ing on Saturday.

  4. Better late than never right? I'm going to continue to work on Bloggiesta tasks whenever I have a spare moment to do so :)

  5. Good job! Life got in the way and I totally bailed on it :( My blog needs a little TLC.

  6. I never was able to get to Bloggiesta.. too much happening. :) I look forward to your banned book post tomorrow!

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