Monday, October 29, 2012

22 on 22 Read-a-Thon--Plans and Updates

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Final Update:
Not much more than what's listed below, unfortunately.  Didn't get much reading done on the trip to Kentucky on Saturday and then Sunday, back in Nashville, we had cake for my other grandmother's 85th birthday.  But, as always, I LOVE read-a-thons! Thanks to the ladies at Pages of Forbidden Love for hosting.

1. What was your favorite part of this read-a-thon?  The reading is always my favorite part, even if I don't get as much done as I planned.
2. Did you enjoy the mini challenges? yes, very much! They were simple and didn't take too much time.
3. What was your least favorite part of this read-a-thon?  N/A
4. Anything I should do differently if I were to host another read-a-thon?  I thought it was great just the way it was. =O)
Day Five--Update
What I've read:  
60 pages of The Passage by Justin Cronin
30 pages of The Drawing of the Three by Stephen King
As usual, things aren't going as planned.  Busy work week and then two events at my son's school...his music recital last night and tonight is Fall Festival.  Not much time for reading.  I'm going to Murray, KY on Saturday to scatter my Grandmother's ashes, but I will be able to do a bit of reading in the car there and back.

Day Four Mini-Challenge--Movie Cast

I'm currently reading the entire Dark Tower series (my read-a-long runs through next July) and we have talked about who we would cast as Roland, The Gunslinger.  There have been many suggestions, but I still stick to my ideal for the role.

Christian Bale--I just think he looks the part.  Plus, he has just the right amount of toughness and is able to play complex characters well.  Roland is definitely a complex character.

Day Three Mini-Challenge--Waiting on...

From wonderful storyteller and author of the bestselling phenomenon The Christmas Box, a new holiday novel based on the story of Joseph and the coat of many colors.Joe is forced out of the family business by his jealous siblings. Moving on to another company, he soon becomes chief advisor to the CEO. But when the economy turns, Joe’s siblings need his help to save the family business.

Based on the Old Testament story about Joseph and the coat of many colors and including a love story, A Winter Dream can be embraced for its message of forgiveness by believers and nonbelievers alike.

Why I'm waiting...
Anyone who knows me, knows my love for Christmas books and Richard Paul Evans is one of my favorite authors of Christmas fiction.  Ever since The Christmas Box, I've been a huge fan.


Yes, the glutton for read-a-thon punishment is at it again! The 22 on 22 Read-a-Thon is being hosted by Pages of Forbidden Love.  Here are the details from their blog:

Bianca is turning 22 on Oct 22nd so we here at Pages of Forbidden Love decided to honor her birthday with a week long Read-a-Thon. This is the first ever Read-a-Thon that we have hosted so we are very excited to try to host the best one we can. So please join us for a week of fun, challenges, prizes, and lots of reading! There is no pressure to read a certain amount of books during this Read-a-Thon, it is strictly for fun to celebrate a birthday!

Prizes will include anything from ARCs to $10 book of choice from the book depo.

Click the links or the button above to sign-up.

My reading plans:
The Passage by Justin Cronin (try to finish, but at least get caught up for tomorrow night's chat)
The Drawing of the Three by Stephen King (another to finish)
Here Be Dragons by Sharon Kay Penman (get caught up)
The Witch's Trinity by Erika Mailman
The Home by Scott Nicholson

My updates will appear just below the button.  This will be a sticky post.



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  1. Yay! I was wondering if there was some readathons coming! LOL I'm signed up now!

  2. Thanks for joining the read-a-thon! It seems you have some larger books picked out so I hope you can catch up on all of them.

    Happy reading!

  3. Glutton for punishment indeed ;) Good luck!!

  4. Well Bale will certainly need something to do now that he is not Batman. Great choice!

  5. The entire Dark Tower series is SO on my want-to-read list!

    I started the series when it originally came out, but it took so long to complete that I only made it through the first two or three books.

    Perhaps I will explore the possibilities of joining a future readathon and tackling the series at that time!

    Have a wonderful weekend! :-)

    Create With Joy

  6. You're doing well on your challenges. I did finish "The Passage" that was a long book! I am waiting for Richard Paul Evan's book. I'm next in the library queue.

  7. Christian Bale, yes! I think of him as Batman now, but you are right. He's perfect!

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