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A Winter's Respite Read-a-Thon: Prize Page

Most books will include promotional info.  Others will have clickable titles to learn more about the books.

Thanks again to all the generous authors/bloggers who donated all of our prizes! You are awesome!

***Prizes will be awarded on a first response basis***

REMAINING PRIZE (for book details, scroll down):

--Author David Russell--eBooks (International) (1) copy Self's Blossom

REMAINING PRIZES (for details on these books, scroll down):
--Khantara: A Haanta Novel by Michelle Franklin-New Edition/Deluxe PDF eBook (International) (1)  Winner--Risa
--Pandora's Reading Room, Volume I by Pandora Poikilos--Three Two One Kindle copies (International)
Winners--Julie, Ashleigh, JP
--Author David Russell--eBooks (International) (1) copy Self's Blossom (1) copy Explorations
"Explorations" winner--Tracy (just another bookworm)
"Self's Blossom" winner--

*Titles/quantities struck through indicate prize is taken--winners' names will be listed beside prize as well*

Donated by Julie @ Knitting and Sundries--print copies (U.S./Canada)
"Bright and Distant Shores" winner--Melissa @ Jayne's Books
"Sweet Tea and Secrets" winner--Shaunie @ The Space Between

Sweet Tea and Secrets by Nancy Naigle

Bright and Distant Shores by Dominic Smith

Khantara: A Haanta Novel by Michelle Franklin-New Edition/Deluxe PDF eBook (International)   Winner--Risa
Khantara tells the story of the Den Asaan's father and mother, how they met, how Khantara saved Anelta's life, and how their secret bond was threatened by impending war. It is the first stand-alone novel in the series.
From Chapter 4 
The instant Khantara began to walk the short path to the barracks he was attacked by swarms of wrens and sparrows from the nearby willows, all of them in a flutter to have their turn to speak to the gentle mountain. The owls and nighthawks had taken his evening and now it was only fair that they should have his morning to themselves. He must hear of their new nests and warbling chicks and horrid neighbors, and they were going to claims their perches on his head and shoulders and tell him whether he wished to listen or to ignore them accordingly. He would listen, however; the quick and nervous conversation of the sparrows was often one-sided and he was therefore required to do nothing but allow them to nest in his hair and continue walking. The wrens, however, were lest content to permit him to be indifferent: they would have him hear of every rude caterpillar and impudent butterfly flitting around trees they knew to be theirs. Theirs was a talk of territory, and they would have Khantara understand their plight. It was wrong of the caterpillars to climb their trees and enter theirnests, and it was so devious of them not to be edible though their bright colours and squirming movements were so enticing. How horrendous it was that the bustle and brilliancy of the butterflies’ wings should be so fascinating. They could hardly capture the creatures to feed to their chicks with such a violent display of beauty. Would only Khantara tell the caterpillars to taste more agreeable, the obnoxious moths to make their cocoons somewhere else, and the owls to leave the worms alone when there was mice enough for them. Khantara, however, would say nothing to the purpose. He only smiled and shook his head at the wrens, and their loud and intricate trills conveyed their indefatigable displeasure toward the giant’s infuriating civilities. He would let nature go its own way, and the birds could do little to convince him otherwise. The wrens threatened to claim strands of the giant’s long molded locks for their nests if he did not comply, but he would not regard their threats as any so troublesome. He simpered at their attempts and silently declared that they could not break his draping tendrils no matter how hard they should try when the giant suddenly found himself at the barracks.

Praise for "Khantara"
"Exceptional world building and character development- talents which completely draw the reader in, making them impervious to everything going on around them. I don't think it possible for the reader to not fall in love with Khantara, the most kindhearted and selfless giant..." --Avery's Book Nook

"This is a beautiful love story. Khantara and Anelta’s lovely beginning was marvelous." --Kindle Book Review 

"Riveting to the core. Fantasy at its very prime with a sweet helping of romance and adventure. Khantara is a welcomed edition to a that series I love so much..." -LovLivLife Reviews

Visit Michelle Franklin at her website

The Wandering Valkyr by Dan Wright--eBook (International)   Winner--Jane Harfeld
GENRE: Fantasy
BLURB: Long before the Dragonkin, the Valkyr once defended the planet Draconica from evil forces. Now they are all but extinct and Alix and Dylan are all that remain of their chapter, wandering the world and working as bounty hunters for a crime syndicate. But when a new evil arises that threatens to destroy the world they must spring into action or else the world is doomed. One problem - the heart of the evil is a woman whom Dylan thought he lost long ago.

The Wandering Valkyr is a story about love and loss, redemption and the bond of family. Follow the the brother and sister duo as they must work out a plan to stop this evil - whilst Dylan tries to save the woman he loves.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Dan Wright lives in Canterbury Kent in the United Kingdom. A huge fan of both fantasy and manga, he combines both within his writing to create a style unique to him. Authors who have inspired Dan are Douglas Adams, J.R.R Tolkien, H.P Lovecraft, Alan Moore, Joss Whedon and Hiromu Arakawa.

Dan’s first book was Trapped on Draconica, which introduced readers to the world of Draconica. He plans to write more books set in the world of Draconica and expand on the world. He is also a reviewer on the website www.read2review.com, where he reviews the latest in science fiction and fantasy.

Contact Dan via the following links:
TWITTER @PandragonDan

Nicole @ Tribute Books--YA eBooks (International)
"Until Next Time" winner--Bri
"The Priest and the Peaches" winner--Celine Nyx

The Priest and the Peaches by Larry Peterson

Author Bryan Healey--print copies (U.S. only)
"A Line Blurred" winner--SenoraG
"Shattered Wings" winner--Justice 

A Line Blurred
Kevin is a depressed executive living a predictable life. When he unexpectedly deviates from his paralyzing routine to be with another woman, he finds himself risking everything for redemption. Kylie, his frustrated and defeated wife, finds solace in a flirtatious encounter with a younger man that sparks a dangerous relationship. Both unable to pull themselves from their newfound happiness, they rationalize their actions to satisfy their guilt, coming ever closer to an emotionally shattering end for both themselves and their children, who are unwillingly swept into their downward spiral.

Shattered Wings
John has a hold of the American dream: Love, a beautiful little girl, a lovely home and a well-paying job. But a sudden layoff brings it all into question, as he deals with the unexpected financial and emotional strain. As he struggles to find new work, a growing sense of despair triggers a return to alcohol and causes him to face his demons of addiction, discrimination, and regret as he tries desperately to recover his once happy life before it's too late...

Author Bio: 
Bryan Healey attended Northeastern University, studying Computer Science before entering the workforce as a software engineer. He is currently pursuing an additional degree in English. He lives in Rhode Island with his beautiful wife.  

Visit Bryan's Website

The Devil's Dime by Bailey Bristol aka Mary Schwaner--print copy (U.S.) eBook (International)
Read about author Bailey Bristol at Goodreads
Int. winner--Srivalli   U.S. winner--Melissa @ Must Read Faster

Eromenos by Melanie McDonald--paperback copy (International)

Eros and Thanatos converge in the story of a glorious youth, an untimely death, and an imperial love affair that gives rise to the last pagan god of antiquity. In this coming-of-age novel set in the second century AD, Antinous of Bithynia, a Greek youth from Asia Minor, recounts his seven-year affair with Hadrian, fourteenth emperor of Rome. In a partnership more intimate than Hadrian's sanctioned political marriage to Sabina, Antinous captivates the most powerful ruler on earth both in life and after death.

This version of the affair between the emperor and his beloved ephebe vindicates the youth scorned by early Christian church fathers as a "shameless and scandalous boy" and "sordid and loathsome instrument of his master's lust." EROMENOS envisions the personal history of the young man who achieved apotheosis as a pagan god of antiquity, whose cult of worship lasted for hundreds of years—far longer than the cult of the emperor Hadrian.

In EROMENOS, the young man Antinous, whose beautiful image still may be found in works of art in museums around the world, finds a voice of his own at last. (from Goodreads)

Read my review HERE

About the author:
Melanie McDonald won a 2008 Hawthornden Fellowship for her debut novel, Eromenos (March 2011, Seriously Good Books), a 2011 GalleyCat Handpicked Title and a finalist for the 2011 Next Generation Indie Book Awards. She has an MFA in fiction from the University of Arkansas. Her work has appeared in New York Stories, Fugue, Indigenous Fiction, and online in Fiction Brigade and Squawk Back. She has pursued her writing in New York, Galway, and Paris, where she studied with C. Michael Curtis, senior fiction editor for the Atlantic Monthly. She spent several months in Italy at work on Eromenos. A native of Arkansas, she now lives in Virginia.   Visit Melanie: Website | Facebook 

The Long Weekend by Savita Kalhan--two (2) (1) print copies (one U.S., one Europe) 
Winners--Mirjam & Tobe
Take a look at the book trailer HERE.  It's awesome! 

Visit Savita at her WEBSITE
Find her on Twitter @savitakalhan

Pandora's Reading Room, Volume I by Pandora Poikilos--(3) (2) (1) Kindle copies (International)
Winners--Julie, Ashleigh

Author David Russell--eBooks (International)

Self's Blossom 
This is about a young woman's self-discovery. Selene is a 'success story', having become a top journalist, while retaining her dazzling looks. However, in the past she has had unhappy relationships, and feels she has missed out on hedonistic fun. This she obtains, firstly with a young stranger on a beach, and finally with enigmatic Hudson: tryst is preceded by cultural tourism, and careful sizing up of minds. Afterwards Selene returns to her 'I stand on my own' attitude.

While she is on holiday, her mind is free to ramble, often into Selene's chequered past. Flashback blurs into the present, past-rooted interior monologue into direct observation. The dialogue is sparse. Selene is a cautious, premeditative type, in whom thought, reflection and analysis outweigh direct action.
Selene’s subtle, monitoring mind coolly observes and controls all the events. Maybe she is super-confident, or perhaps has a deep, underlying insecurity. She is many things to many readers.

Explorations   Winner--Tracy
Newly divorced and looking for interesting new experiences, Janice takes an art class with live models and the star makes her want more than a coincidental meeting. Art model, Cedric, thinks he knows the lady from somewhere when he sees her again at the pool. Body language says a lot and chance meetings lead to a desire for more. Will Janice ask Cedric over for a private modeling job and will he accept?

A review: 
This short is all about rediscovering oneself – mentally, physically, emotionally and sexually. Janice and Cedric, who have both been in stale relationships, cross paths a few times before deciding that they both want more from themselves, for their lives. Determined to take a risk Janice makes her move, leading to sexual explorations with Cedric.

I liked Janice. I think she represents a lot of women who find themselves in a position of not being where they want to be in life or even who they want to be. Her feelings rang true, making this story seem more real and her risks even more worthwhile. I also like how Russell writes from Cedric’s point of view as well. I like being able to see where each character has come from, and how each character reacts to the same situation. I found Explorations to be a great read and very satisfying!

About the author:
Born 12 June 1940 and living in West London, UK, David is a writer in all genres, including poetry, fiction, and criticism, and he is a guitarist and singer-songwriter. Some of David’s erotic poems have been featured in anthologies produced by Forward Press. He has a collection of poetry and prose entitled Prickling Counterpoints, that has been published in many magazines. He has written two novellas: High Wired On (speculative fiction) and Self’s Blossom (romance). The latter, together with the short story Explorations, have been published by Silk’s Vault. His albums include Bricolage (Hangman Records, 1992) and Bacteria Shrapnel (Posterity Recordings, 1997).

The Stranger from the Valley by Oscar Case--print copy (International)
Winner--Gina @ Book Dragon's Lair

U.S. Marshal Chappie Wesford is recalled to Army duty and sent to Altaveel to award two citizens with a Civil War Medal. The Henberry family thinks he has come to take over their business and try to run him out of town. Chappie meets Esther Bigknife, a widow and friend of Milt Henberry, who thinks he is interfering there, too, but Chappie falls for Esther and it all comes to a head at the big Fourth of July celebration. Chappie returns to Altaveel on the trail of bank robbers and there is a shootout on Six Mile Road when he catches up with them.

About the author:
Oscar William Case began writing family history and genealogy and morphed into Western novels. He was born during the Depression in the small town of Altonah, Utah, in the foothills of the Uintah Mountains and the setting of five of his books. He is author of The Upamona Gold Claim Wrangle and Blood and Blazes in Upamona and two other stories yet to be published. Mr. Case is a member of the Arizona Authors Association and writes a blog on the internet entitled BlogginCurly. His short stories have been published on the internet at ropeandwire.com, frontiertales.com, and thewesternonline.com.   


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