Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Anna Karenina Read-a-Long

Well, I'm diving in for another read-a-long with Wallace at Unputdownables.  I'm determined for this one to not be a 'fail' like the other two I tried to particpated in.  I'm surprised Wallace hasn't banned me from ever joining in again.  She rocks for not being judgmental!  =O)  If you think you might want to tackle this daunting task, here are the details and schedule from Wallace:

The following is the reading and posting schedule for this read-a-long. Please note, we will be reading roughly 63 pages per week (about 9 pages a day). Fortunately, there are fairly clean breaks (i.e. ending at chapter breaks) this time, so I was able to mark which chapters we will stop at each week (the last week is 10 pages shorter than the others, and will give you a little extra time to catch up if you need to). To make the reading less overwhelming, I try to make sure that we do not have too many pages to have to plow through per day or week, but feel free to read ahead if you are on a roll, or at least read to the next natural breaking point. That said, please note that not everyone will be doing so, and I ask that you do not comment on things that happen outside of the scheduled reading (i.e. no spoilers, please). Thanks!

Beginning Friday, October 7th and ending Friday, December 30th.

Week #/ dates :: Place in which to STOP

Week One/ Oct.7-13 :: Part 1 Chapter XX
Week Two/ Oct. 14-20 :: Part 2 Chapter VIII
Week Three/ Oct. 21-27 :: Part 2 Chapter XXIX
Week Four/ Oct. 28-Nov. 3 :: Part 3 Chapter XII
Week Five/Nov. 4-10 :: Part 3 Chapter XXXI
Week Six/ Nov. 11-17 :: Part 4 ch XVIII
Week Seven/ Nov. 18-24 :: Part 5 Chapter XV (please note: this is Thanksgiving! Might want to get ahead the previous week.)
Week Eight/ Nov. 25- Dec. 1 :: Part 6 Chapter I
Week Nine/ Dec.2-8 :: Part 6 Chapter XX
Week Ten/Dec.9-15 :: Part 7 Chapter VII
Week Eleven/Dec.16-22 :: Part 7 Chapter XXIX
Week Twelve/ Dec.23-30 :: Finish book! You made it!! (please note this is Christmas week! Might want to get ahead the previous week.)

Post #/ date post should be up on blog:

Start up Post/ Today!
Week One/ October 14th
Week Two/ October 21st
Week Three/ October 28th
Week Four/ November 4th
Week Five/ November 11th
Week Six/ November 18th
Week Seven/ November 25th
Week Eight/ December 2nd
Week Nine/ December 9th
Week Ten/December 16th
Week Eleven/ 23rd
Week Twelve/ 30th (Final Review)

To read full details and/or to jump in with us, go HERE:


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  1. I'm participating in this too! I haven't gotten very far but I'm handling it better than the first time i tried reading it :]

  2. Good luck on your read along. I am not so good with reading challenges or read alongs, so I'm amazed at people that do participate, it can be challenging to fit in all that reading in between the daily tasks of life. Happy reading and good luck again!

  3. I read this book 18 years ago. LOL! I ever post about it? Basically some pompous jerk was surprised that someone like me (I suppose young and black) would read a Russian author. Anyway, good luck with the read-a-long.

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