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The Unempty Spaces Between by Louis Efron - Review

I always find it uncanny when I read a collection and one particular poem seems to fit with my current mindset. I had been thinking about keepsakes and memories, photographs, and school papers and artwork from my sons' school days. I started feeling sad because we always seem to forget to go back and look at that stuff, and want so much to do it, and make the time for it...and yet, I feel like there's no time. And so, I read the poem "Empty Attic" and there it is, pretty much what I was thinking. And I quote, "...our treasures...memories unlit by such neglected bulbs...still failing to see ourselves illuminated as dust settles again on the balconies of our mind...precious things boxed for overwhelmed hands and a crowded heart..."

"Nicked Wedding Ring"...boy, does it speak the truth. I have witnessed a couple of deaths where greed and anger are all that seemed present. I quote a couple of stanzas here...

Death brings out the very best in people
The ugly DNA of their soul
Self-righteousness hangs above the church steeple
A look into a twisted peephole

Even before the body grows cold
Vultures fighting over the money basket
Papers burned to keep the stolen gold
Jewelry hidden in the viewing casket

"Arcadian Eyes" really captures the current crisis of our so plugged in world. "...we are lonely...a world that can no longer be unplugged...where soft hands without heartbeats join then pass through to emptiness."

A lot of the poetry I've been reading lately touches on the state of our world. Poetry is so organic. I think it is one of the best forms for these topics. In "Reflection," the last two stanzas are powerful.

A rhyme that riffs a careless scrawl
A world in desperate need of peace
Two hands dropping a wanting ball
A time that now must cease

What will tomorrow's reflection hold?
Blood-stained cheeks, sockets conspiring to swell
Clocks stop ticking before the story is told
Doors now open, a quick descent to Hell

This is an outstanding debut collection. Highly recommended to anyone who loves poetry.

Advance Praise:

"A beautiful creation of song and scar, of emotional complexity and simple witness, Louis Efron’s debut collection The Unempty Spaces Between mingles the natural and human worlds in a series of accessible, personal, universal poems. From lush to bare, the landscapes he presents us with are so intertwined with and impacted by our actions that we realize the two have always been one. Brimming with meditations deep as winter snow and boundless compassion and curiosity, these vibrant poems remain grounded in a universal familiarity that opens us up to something greater." -John Sibley Williams, author of As One Fire Consumes Another

"Haunting, harrowing and frighteningly incisive . . . a welcome assault on the senses" -Jim Volz, PH.D
Editor, Shakespeare Theatre Association’s Quarto

" . . . a reverence for nature and personal connection that reminds us of Mary Oliver’s gorgeous nature poems." - Karol Nielsen, author of Small Life

"This work of poetry is worthy of a good read and the time of those who enjoy serious writing." -Emmett Wheatfall, author of Our Scarlet Blue Wounds

About the Poet:

Louis Efron is a poet and writer who has been featured in Forbes, Huffington Post, Chicago Tribune, POETiCA REViEW, The Orchards Poetry Journal, Academy of the Heart and Mind, Literary Yard, New Reader Magazine and over 100 other national and global publications. He is also the author of five books, including The Unempty Spaces Between, How to Find a Job, Career and Life You Love; Purpose Meets Execution; Beyond the Ink; as well as the children’s book What Kind of Bee Can I Be?

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