Thursday, August 20, 2015

Bout of Books Update and Oh, Yeah...I Forgot My 6 Year Blogoversary


Bout of Books update and mini-challenge below this post

Bout of Books

Yes, that's right. My blogoversary was on August 5th. I've been at this for 6 years. Wow! The time has flown by. My very first blog post was 32 Questions Asked and Answered and my first book review the next day was The Private Diary of Mr. Darcy by Maya Slater (how appropriate to share this during Austen in August!). Since I started this blog, I've had 2,753,986 visits and posted 1486 posts! My Cat Thursday feature is in its 5th year. Most of those posts have over 100 views daily and a couple of them had 700+ and 800+ views! There was even one from 2011 with 39,284 views since it posted. Holy cow...I mean, cat!!! And, of course, I must mention my wonderful followers/readers who have stayed loyal, even through my recent bout of a blogging stagnation. I appreciate you all more than you will ever know.

And speaking of sister blog, the horror blog Castle Macabre had its 4 year blog anniversary on August 15th. Yup, missed that one too!

In honor of both blogoversaries, I'm hosting a giveaway! This will be a dual giveaway between both blogs. Here's how it will work. If you comment here on this post and on this post at Castle Macabre (either telling me you'll be joining in for Gothic September and/or the read-a-longs, or just to tell me how much you love Poe), you will get two entries into the giveaway.

What's the prize? You will have the chance to win a $10 digital Amazon gift card OR $10 worth of books from the Bargain Bin at Better World Books (these are gently used books and let me tell you...I love the site. You can get 3 books for $10 from the bargain bin! I order from them all the time and purchases benefit literary causes around the world. Check them out!).

To enter, as I mentioned above, comment on this post AND on this post at Castle Macabre and then fill out the form below with the name you used to comment. You only have to fill out the form once so if you fill it out here, don't fill it out again at Castle Macabre. This giveaway will end on September 10, 2015 at 11:59pm CST. Open internationally.

Bout of Books Update and Mini-Challenge

My progress through Wednesday (I technically started on Tuesday).

The Snow Child - 50 pages
In The Woods - 50 pages

Sad...but I'm not giving up yet!

Kimberly Faye Reads hosted the Four Seasons in Book Covers Challenge. 

Here's my contribution...



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  1. Happy Blogoversary! Don't worry, I forgot mine too and posted it a month late. Congrats on six great years!

  2. Happy blogiversary to both of the blogs! Those are some impressive numbers. Maybe only 50 pages in In The Woods but weren't those first few great? I haven't even started on The Snow Child although I had every intention of joining you for that one this month. But I'm stuck on French right now.

  3. Congratulations!! 6 years is amazing!!

  4. Happy blogoversary!! 6 years is an amazing acheivemtn, just mind blowing!!! And thanks for the giveaway.

  5. Happy belated blogoversary!!!!!!

  6. Happy blogoversary. Six years is a long time.

  7. thank you very much for the giveaway and congratulations!
    (I wrote comment on the other post too, forgot to sign my name)

  8. I'm in for the read-a-longs! I posted on both blogs! I <3 Poe!

    Melissa @ Must Read Faster

  9. LOL! Congratulations on your blogoversary! :) I'm so excited about Gothic September! I'm obsessed with Poe! I'm looking forward to reading The Fall of the House of Usher again! Thanks so much for hosting! :)

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