Monday, November 26, 2012

Thankfully Reading Weekend

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Well, about 100 pages of The Wastelands it is.  Just couldn't get much reading in since I'm having to pack books, etc.  Oh, well.  Better luck next time.  Thanks to Jenn for hosting.  I will try again next year!


Haven't done much reading like I planned.  A lot of life changing moments going on in my life right now (more on this later) so reading is suffering.  I've read about 100 pages in The Wastelands by Stephen King and hoping to get more in later today.

Now for my challenge responses....

My Perfect Reading Recipe:
This is what I want....a completely quiet room, my comfy armchair and footstool, non-binding PJ pants and a comfy top, a soft fleece throw, and a book that grabs me by the heart (whether that's making it pound or giving it a hug) and won't let go.  I want my heart to tell my brain to direct my hands to not let go...DON'T STOP READING (yes, I know the brain sends the signal to the heart normally, but you get my drift).

Do I always get what I want?  No.  But I keep striving toward the ideal.

The book I'm most thankful for this year....
That would have to be Breed by Chase Novak.  Why?  Because it was one of those books I talked about in the recipe challenge above.  I. could. not. put. it. down.  Thank you, Mr. Novak, for reigniting my excitement for the horror genre.  If I had to choose a number 2, it would be The Passage by Justin Cronin.  For basically the same reason.

Family reading traditions/memories....
My fondest memories are of my parents reading.  I swear there was hardly a moment in a day that they didn't have their noses in a book.  When we traveled, my mom would always read aloud to my dad and sometimes him to her.  I remember a few years back, my Grandfather told me how when we would come visit, "Your dad would sit in the chair and read the whole time.  He sure did love to read."  Every time I saw my grandfather, he would bring that up.  My parents were so fond of reading that they didn't care if I brought my book everywhere or that I would read while we waited for our food at a restaurant (they did make me put it away when the food came).  I am very thankful to my parents for showing me their love of reading and instilling that love in me.  I hope my sons will also have fond memories of me reading years from now.  It's a great memory to have.


Yes, I think I'll participate in this little read-a-thon.  My plans have really went to pieces for this weekend so I'm probably going to have plenty of time to read.  Jenn at Jenn's Bookshelves is hosting this event starting today (11/22) through Sunday, 11/25.  You can still sign up HERE.

I'm going to be working on finishing The Waste Lands by Stephen King, reading Coriolanus by Shakespeare, and trying to put a dent in Les Miserables.  We shall see if I actually concentrate on reading or get distracted like I normally do.  If I decide to put up Christmas decorations this weekend, that will be a factor too.

Are you joining in on this one?

Happy Thankful Reading!



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  1. I am..can't wait to see what everyone is going to be reading.


  2. Footstools! They are essential. :) I like what you've said about a book that grabs your heart. If you're not engaged, you're still aware of your surroundings. I need to get completely lost in my perfect reading recipe.

    Thanks so much for playing along with me this weekend. I don't understand why you're links not showing up.

  3. With so much going on in your life, I'm glad that you found Breed to keep you reading! Have a good week.

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