Monday, August 20, 2012

Read-a-Thon Updates

Bout of Books 5.0 and Pick Your Thon

End of Thons Wrap-Up
I didn't do as well as I wanted, but that was due to an extremely busy week with work, plus my daily four or so hours in the car driving my boys to and from school (1. 5 hours in the morning and 2 to 2.5 in the afternoons).  Ugh!

  • # pages read: 225 (White Lies)
  • # books finished: 1 (White Lies)
  • WTD pages: 396 
  • WTD books:  1 (White Lies)
Thanks to the lovely ladies from both blogs who hosted the thons.  You keep a read-a-thon addict happy. =O)

Day Four and Five Update
  • # pages read: 131 (40 pg of White Lies, 91 pages of Wolf Hall)
  • # books finished: 0
  • WTD pages: 210
  • WTD books:  0
Day Six Mini-challenges for Bout of Books
Music Mini-Challenge at Not So Real Life...premise is to choose one book that you’ve read this year, or one of your favorites, or even a book that you’ve read for the readathon. Then, choose a song that matches your book. Post a picture/link to your book, and a embed/link your song.
My pair:

Graceling by Kristin Cashore


Why?  Because I associated Katsa with the legendary Boadicea of Britain.  A strong and tough woman.

Virtual Travels or Reading Around the World! at Ex Libris...premise is choose a book and find a picture to match the setting you envision for the novel.

Perfect image for this book (at the beginning) because it's right around the time that Henry VIII meets Anne Boleyn and decides to pursue her to wife.  This painting is of that meeting.

The Meeting of Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn at Hampton Court by Daniel Maclise (1806-1870)

Day Three Update
  • # pages read: 14 (Book in a Month)
  • # books finished: 0
  • WTD pages: 79
  • WTD books:  0
Day Four currently reading:  White Lies by Jeremy Bates
I'm doing rather poorly on this read-a-thon. =O(

Day Two Update
  • # pages read: 53 (The Cider House Rules)
  • # books finished: 0
  • WTD pages: 65
  • WTD books:  0

Mini-Challenge for Pick Your Thon
The Book Monsters wanted us to organize our upcoming reviews.  However, since I'm focusing primarily on reading, they said we could talk about how we organize our books.  I've decided to share with you my book catalog.  I have my entire library of fiction books (2000+), and some of my non-fiction, listed alphabetically by author (by title for non-fiction) in this Lord of the Rings journal.  Unfortunately, the poor thing is falling apart and I'm running out of room in it so I'm transferring everything over into the larger, green journal (which also has more pages).  It's taking me a long time.  I only recently finished the Cs.  =O/  One of the main reasons I keep this catalog is so I don't keep buying books I already own.  It accompanies me to everywhere I might purchase books (mainly library sales) and when I don't have it with me, look out! (click the images for a close-up look)

A glimpse inside
The Green journal
Another glimpse inside-longer pages-more room!

Day One
  • # pages read: 12 (Book in a Month)
  • # books finished: 0
  • WTD pages: 12
  • WTD books:  0
Day Two Mini-challenges for Bout of Books
Limerick Challenge at Curiosity Killed the Bookworm

Here's mine:
My blog often puts me in a bind
but I don't really mind
the books are great
other bloggers are first rate
a better hobby I could not find!

Relocate at The Grammarian's Reviews

I'm reading The Cider House Rules by John Irving.  It's located in New England.  I'm relocating it to Florida so instead of Homer working at an apple orchard, he will work at an orange grove.  Not too much of a change, but it's a lot hotter in Florida and he will at least come back to the orphanage with a tan. =O)


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