Sunday, February 26, 2012

Book Nooks (9)

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Commentary:  Okay, I totally freaking love this! I think this is my favorite nook of all time.  Look at the dark wood and the ornately carved ladder leading up to a cozy loft.  If I was reading in the nook and I felt sleepy, I would just climb up the ladder and take a nice nap in the loft.  And there's also a window! Really, what more could a reader want?  Just lovely.

Photo credit: via Steph on Pinterest
Source:  Sweep Tight



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  1. This is an incredible picture - thank you for posting. I want this so bad! For now, I'll happily imagine finding a way to build it in my apartment :)

  2. What a brilliant way to add a special nook to a house without building it in. I think I might beg Mr. Whimsy to build me something like this some day.

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