Sunday, February 12, 2012

Book Nooks (7)

Book Nooks 
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Founder: Sasha Soren (Random Magic
Hosting through April 2012: The True Book Addict (@truebookaddict)
Show us something pretty!

Commentary:  I love this! The simplicity is wonderful.  If it was in my house though, it would have to be a no kid zone! Kids and white DO NOT mix. *L*

Cottage-inspired reading nook by Rate My Space user LaylaPalmer
Source:  Design Happens at HGTV



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  1. This looks wonderful! It is well-lit and comfortable, but you'r right about the white - I would have to refrain from bringing any food in there, as I'm more on the clumsy side. Thanks for sharing and hosting!

  2. those are all nice. i'll hafta find my own!

  3. Let's see - if I took the tub, sink and toilet out of the kids bathroom, I think this is just about that same size. Wonder if they would mind?

  4. Oh, I love this nook. So cozy and snug. Yeah, definitely put a no kid zone here to protect the whites and beige.

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