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Here are my 100 words:

The Grand Maester nodded. "I recall now, the widow is sister to your own noble wife.  If an old man may be forgiven his blunt speech, let me say that grief can derange even the strongest and most disciplined of minds, and the Lady Lysa was never that.  Since her last stillbirth, she has seen enemies in every shadow, and the death of her lord husband left her shattered and lost."

"So you are quite certain that Jon Arryn died of a sudden illness?"

"I am," Pycelle replied gravely. "If not illness, my lord, what else could it be?"



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  1. Hi - I am really glad to find this. cool job!

  2. How much am I loving a Game of Thrones! Isn't it the best. I had hoped to read the books before the show started, but yeah.. that didn't happen. :(

    Thanks for the excerpt.

  3. Missie--yes, I'm really loving it. I've watched the first episode about four times!

  4. I think I would like the show instead of the books...but alas, I don't get will have to wait..Thanks for stopping by Michelle and hope you and yours had a great Easter...

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