Friday, April 1, 2011


After my recent declaration of no longer accepting review books (except in rare cases) and my statement of the desire to read more from my own library, I have decided, current reading obligations aside, that a logical step is to join this read-a-long...because David McCullough's John Adams is one of the books in my personal library...YEAH!

This lovely read-a-long is being hosted by Wallace at Unputdownables and here is the schedule:


Beginning Friday, April 1st and ending Friday, June 24th.


Week #/ dates :: Chapters to Read

Week One/ April 1-7 :: ch. 1

Week Two/ April 8-14 :: ch. 2
Week Three/ April 15-21:: ch. 3
Week Four/ April 22-28 :: ch. 4
Week Five/ April 29- May 5 :: ch. 5
Week Six/ May 6-12 :: ch. 6
Week Seven/ May 13-19 :: ch. 7
Week Eight/ May 20-26 :: ch. 8
Week Nine/ May 27-June 2 :: ch. 9
Week Ten/ June 3-June 9 :: ch. 10
Week Eleven/ June 10-16 :: ch. 11
Week Twelve/ June 17-23 :: ch. 12


Post #/ date post should be up on blog:

Start up Post/ April 1
Week One Review/ April 8
Week Two Review/ April 15
Week Three Review/ April 22
Week Four Review/ April 29
Week Five Review/ May 6
Week Six Review/ May 13
Week Seven Review/ May 20
Week Eight Review/ May 27
Week Nine Review/ June
Week Ten Review/ June 10
Week Eleven Review/ June 17
Week Twelve Review (Final Review)/ June 24

How it Works:
  1. Each week, on Friday, post your thoughts about the previous week’s reading. If you are stuck on what to post about, you can use these discussion questions to get you started. (You do not need to post a starting post, but if you would like to — just post something to let your readers know that every Friday you will be posting about your JA reading for the week.)
  2. Each week, come here, to Unputdownables, and put the link to your post in the comments section (and take a minute to visit others’ blogs to see what they’ve thought of the reading). If you do not have a blog, post your thoughts on the reading directly in the comments section. *please refrain from posting ahead, even if you have read ahead, as to not spoil the book for others*
  3. Feel free to use the read-a-long button from above in your posts or sidebars.
Wish me luck! How about you...want to join us?


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  1. I so wish I didn't have so many other reading obligations this month so I could join you with this one!

  2. Good luck. It's a wonderful book (I read it a few years ago) just make sure not to speed your way through it.

  3. I love the leisurely pace of this readalong! Looking forward to discussion! And thanks for doing the start-up post--it reminded me to go do mine too! :)

  4. Glad you will be reading with us! I have read it before and you will love it.

  5. I am really excited to get startedd! My startup post just went up too.

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