Saturday, October 9, 2010


Mini-challenge by Sheery at Sheery's Place

1.yfferil enal -- Firefly Lane

2.aste fo eend -- East of Eden

3. retwa orf pntshleea -- Water for Elephants

4.ot lkli a ckomgnrbdii -- To Kill A Mockingbird

5. het gtaer ysbtag -- The Great Gatsby

6. yrhra tetrpo dna eth lyhdtea wollsah -- Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

7. ht e rat fo nrgcai ni eht nair -- The Art of Racing in the Rain

8.eth mite reslveart efwi -- The Time Traveler's Wife

9. eht rlig ithw eht gnodar ooattt -- The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo

10.ydira fo a mypiw idk -- Diary of a Wimpy Kid

11.a kwrlnei ni emit -- A Wrinkle in Time

12. het rpoal sxprese -- The Polar Express

13.vole dewlak ni  -- Love Walked In

14.reehw eth dwli hingts rea -- Where the Wild Things Are

15.eht ginnhsi -- The Shining

16.dnohogigt oonm -- Goodnight Moon

17. vwtienrie hwti a pvmarie -- Interview with a Vampire

18. eht cretse file fo eesb -- The Secret Life of Bees

19. eht raesch -- The Search

20. het pelh -- The Help

Fun, fun, fun...I love these!

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