Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Once Upon a Read-A-Thon--Update #2

This read-a-thon for me = FAIL! I can't believe I'm STILL on the same book.  I'm not even sure how many total hours I've actually put in reading, but I've read a total of 163 pages of Virgin and the Crab.  I'm
hoping to at least finish it and start another book before midnight tonight.

On the health front, I went to my doctor yesterday and she thinks that my leg looks 70% healed, which is great news! However, I'm still going to be doing the IV antibiotics from home for another two weeks and home health will continue with my leg care.  The boys go back to school the middle of August so this summer is officially shot! Oh well...things happen.  I'm just glad I'm going to be okay!

Anyway, back to reading! Thanks to everyone who has stopped by with encouraging words...I appreciate it! But perhaps a cattle prod would have been more effective...LOL!

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