Thursday, July 22, 2010

Cat Thursday

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This week I have a very special treat for you.  I was contacted by Chris Dolley to read and review his new book, The International Kittens of Mystery!

Here's a description from Goodreads:

In an uncertain world there is one organisation that stands head and small furry shoulders above the rest. Whenever the planet is in danger – be it ...more In an uncertain world there is one organisation that stands head and small furry shoulders above the rest. Whenever the planet is in danger – be it from giant balls of wool or bands of renegade squirrels – only one group is guaranteed to answer the call.

The International Kittens of Mystery!

This is a journal of their stories. For the first time, cameras have been allowed into one of their top secret training camps – Training Camp Alpha. A camp where, under the supervision of pet humans, recruits are shown not only how to save the world but also how to manage their secret identities – how to blend in and infiltrate the human society that they alone can protect.

If you like a laugh and looking at cute pictures of kittens saving the planet, this is the book for you. It's a short read - about 25 minutes, if you can tear yourself away from the pictures.

My thoughts:

This book is an absolute must-read for anyone who loves cats or even for anyone who gets a kick out of the LOL cats website.  Dolley uses pics that he has taken of his own cats and weaves a hilarious and exciting spy-in-training story about his two cats and five orange kittens.

The two older spies in the story are Tai and Xena.  As we cat owners know, our cats will try to nap (or squeeze) in some of the most ridiculous places.  Dolley smartly utilizes his cats' love of squeezing into these wicker bowls and refers to said bowls as The Wickerbowl Personal Transporter.  The bowls transport the kittens anywhere they need to go instantly, sort of like a bowl "beam me up Scottie" transporter, a la Star Trek.

Tai (left) and Xena in Wicker Bowl Transporters One & Two

Tai squeezed into Wicker Bowl Transport One
Then we have the new recruits, the five orange tabby kittens, referred to as The Tribbles.  These adorables have their own transporter, a padded and fleece-lined Wicker Bowl Three, the luxury heavy tribble transporter.  Their special skill is cuteness, described here in the following quotes:

The Tribbles in Wicker Bowl Transporter Three
"These are no ordinary kittens.  These are specially bred kittens with an augmented cuteness gene (aka the tribble gene). They are smaller and fluffier than the standard kitten and can incapacitate a human from ten yards."

"Human trainers have to wear special glasses when handling them."

We also receive the following warning:

"Warning: the following pictures are close-ups of cuteness enhanced kittens."

If you are driving, operating heavy machinery, or have your hand hovering over a ‘launch nuclear missile now’ button ... do NOT look at the pictures until you have moved yourself to a place of safety. The publishers of this book will not be liable for any injury, or piles of rubble that used to be major cities, should a reader enter a trance-like state or collapse.


These are just examples of how the entire book reads.  It's whimsical.  Dolley penned a clever and funny cat spy story around various images of his cats doing what cats do...acting silly, cute and unique.  I can't wait to show this book to my sons.  I know it will remain a source of fun for us for years to come.

Thank you Chris for allowing me to read and review your book for Cat Thursday!

About the author:

Chris Dolley has written five books, started one revolution, and solved an international crime, the details of which take exactly 94,000 words to explain.

Chris Dolley was born in Bournemouth, England where several attempts to educate him were made by staff at Winton and Moordown and Bournemouth School. But he was too fast, graduating at a tender age with a degree in Geography and a talent for spinning a tale.

To read more of Chris's bio and to see more pics of the kittens, visit his website at

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  1. ROFL! How adorable! I am going to have to look this book up! Thank you so much for sharing!

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  2. Thanks for the pics of the cute furry faces!

  3. What a fabulous book that must be! Cute, hilarious, and magical....I love the whole idea of it!

  4. That book is too cute! Love it!

  5. OMG that is awesome! I have to find a copy of it!

  6. Funny stuff!!! Thanks for stopping by Michelle and commenting on my new background... have a great weekend!!

  7. hey Michelle... I was looking up this book and can only find it as an eBook - do you actually have a hard copy of it?? Let me know please! Thx!

  8. That is too funny! I also love the picture of the cat on the mailbox you had on your Monday post. So cute! :)

  9. Oh how wonderful! I love it! Especially since we just had baby kittens born on the 18th and they are just too adorable! I'm definitely going to have to find this book...I love mysteries and I adore kittens! Thanks for a great review!

  10. What a seriously cool book!

  11. These were just too cute. We have 4 cats and I always want more...LOL

  12. Thanks so much for stopping by! So glad you all are enjoying it. And thanks to those who participate every week! Maybe eventually my Linkys will look like Mailbox Monday's!

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