Sunday, August 10, 2014

Saturday Quotes Day (1)

My lovely friend, Rebecca at I'm Lost in Books has started a new meme (which I thought would be a great idea, by the way) so I'm joining in. Click her blog name above, or the image, if you'd like to join in.

from Elizabeth: The Virgin Queen and the Men Who Loved Her

"'I alas shall have no such comfort,' he sighs as together, full of smiles and tender care for each other still, he closes the casement and accompanies her to his chamber door where, with that final kiss upon her lips, he lets her go. Will it be like this for the rest of his life, he asks himself? Would the seasons come and go, and they two grow old and grey together, still always in love but never lovers? It would be a pleasant torment - but really, he knows it can never be sustained. There is no magic box of hers to store these joys and wonders. The world does not function that way, not even for a Queen of England. And that knowledge, as it steals its way into his meditations again and again this night, is the greater part of his sadness as he rests alone in his solitary bed."

from The Invention of Wings

"She laid the book down and came where I was standing by the chimney place and put her arms round me. It was hard to know where things stood. People say love gets fouled by a difference big as ours. I didn't know for sure whether Miss Sarah's feelings came from love or guilt. I didn't know whether mine came from love or a need to be safe. She loved me and pitied me. And I loved her and used her. It never was a simple thing. That day, our hearts were pure as they ever would get."

What quotes have moved you this week?


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  1. Oh love quotes. I host a quote meme every Monday :) I'm working on an audio book right now and gah it's so hard to pull quotes from those!

  2. Fictional 100 /LucyAugust 10, 2014 at 8:06 AM

    Great quotes. Invention of Wings is certainly proving to be a great story of friendship, made so difficult by the two women's circumstances.

  3. Great quotes! I especially love The Invention of Wings quote. I wish I had been able to procure it. I am loving People of the Book, though. You need to get on that! And yep, you are totally to blame for the start of this meme lol!

  4. These are some great quotes Michelle - I need to try The Invention of Wings.

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