Monday, January 6, 2014

2014 Reading Challenges and a new literary group, Lit Collective


I vowed to myself that I would sign up for less than 10 challenges this year and I did it! I ended up signing up for 9 and one of those is a long term challenge that I'm spreading over 4 years. Of course, I'm keeping track over at my challenge blog, but listed below are the challenge buttons for the ones I signed up for.


I also want to take a moment to officially announce my new book discussion community which I started with Heather at Between the Covers and Laura at Book Snob over at Goodreads. It's called Lit Collective: An Online Reading Retreat. We'll be having our "online retreats" twice a year. In March, we focus on books grouped around a theme. This March our theme is World World I. The books we're reading are:

4 Fiction
Doctor Zhivago, Boris Pasternak
The Gendarme, Mark Mustian
The Light Between Oceans, M.L. Stedman
The Sandcastle Girls, Chris Bohjalian

1 Non-Fiction
The Perfect Summer: England 1911, Just Before the Storm, Juliet Nicolson

Each week, we will focus our discussion on one book, with discussion of the non-fiction title being more of a side discussion in addition to the others. Discussions will take place predominantly in the group, but we will have a Twitter hashtag for any Twitter chats or parties we decide to have and for announcements and it is #litcollective.

I will have the schedule of what books will be discussed when and some advance discussion questions posted in the group soon. In August, the retreat will revolve around 3 or 4 selected works of a certain author. We will vote on this in the group. 

To find out all the details and to join the group, visit Lit Collective here. We'd love to have you!

Reminder: Sign ups are open for A Winter's Respite over at Seasons of Reading. Click HERE, or the image below, to sign up.


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  1. You are evil, Michelle. I wasn't signing up for any challenges and now I want to do A Century of Books. Sigh. So much evil. I want to be a part of Lit Collective, though I might skip WWI just because it is not my thing. But I want to be included in the next thing! I hope I remember the Write-a-thon this time and don't schedule stuff all during it like the last 3.

  2. Looking forward to the Lit Collective in March. I should be able to read one or two of those! Good luck with your other challenges!

  3. Oh, look at all of the pretty, pretty challenges you signed up for! I was only going to sign up for the Goodreads challenge, then signed up for two more. Now you're tempting me with more! Must....resist... *L*

  4. Good golly, woman - where do you find that time to do one more group? You're a reading beast!

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