Monday, July 23, 2012

TTBA Weekly News and Mailbox Monday

This feature was inspired by It's Monday! What are you reading? hosted by Sheila at Book Journey and also by The Sunday Salon.

Last week was quite eventful as I hosted my High Summer Read-a-Thon.  While the event was a success, I did not get much reading done, although people keep telling me that my pages read in Anna Karenina should really count as two (thanks for that, guys!).

What's going on in my/the reading world....

After some chatter we had on Twitter during the read-a-thon, I have decided to host a write-a-thon in August or September.  I have to decide when and I'd like your help with that if you're interested in participating.  There is a poll up in the top right sidebar.  Please vote!

I am hosting a Wolf Hall read-a-long with Kai from Fiction State of Mind starting next weekend on August 4.  You can find out all the details HERE.

What I've been reading....

Currently reading:
Twenty Two Faces by Judy Byington (review tomorrow)
Anna Karenina by Leo Tolstoy
Graceling by Kristin Cashore (for TuesBookTalk...almost finished!)
A Clash of Kings by George R.R. Martin (yes, I'm still reading this)
Middlemarch by George Eliot (and yes, I'm still reading this too)
Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter by Seth Grahame-Smith (will finish this week)

Coming up:
Wolf Hall by Hilary Mantel
Not sure what else! Haven't decided.

Finished recently:

Lesley Harrison

Mailbox Monday was created by Marcia and is currently on tour. This month's host is Mrs. Q Book Addict.   (You can click the book covers in the BookBox to view the book(s) on Amazon)
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The Magic Window by John M.H. Pratt
Diary of a Part-Time Ghost by Vered Ehsani (Kindle)

Abandon by Meg Cabot...from Jeanmarie Anaya

Checkmate by Dorothy Dunnett
Enduring Love by Ian McEwan
Prophecy: The Fulfillment by Deborah A. Jaeger
A Poisoned Season by Tasha Alexander
Valiant by Holly Black
Ironside by Holly Black
The New York Times Large Type Cookbook by Jean Hewitt



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  1. I've been wanting to read Middlemarch for awhile...hope you enjoy your reading...and thanks for stopping by my blog!

  2. I love Graceling! I hope you're enjoying it. :) I really really need to read Clash of Kings. And great job again with the Read-a-Thon!

  3. I'm will be reading diary of a part time ghost for review, we should have a chat about it after we both have read! Thanks Michelle for your wishes and hugs. I love what you got in your mailbox oh so jealous! LOL

  4. I hope to be joining you two for the Wolf Hall read-along. I haven't got my copy from the library yet. If worse comes to worse, I'll get a e-copy from Amazon.

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