Thursday, August 11, 2011

Cat Thursday--Authors and their Cats (2)

Welcome to the weekly meme that celebrates the wonders and sometime hilarity of cats! Join us by posting a favorite LOL cat pic you may have come across, famous cat art or even share with us pics of your own beloved cat(s). It's all for the love of cats! Enjoy! (share your post in the Mr. Linky below)

The second Cat Thursday of each month is Authors and their Cats Thursday.  Each time I will feature an author and their cat(s).  Today I have for you....

Ernest Hemingway and his cats

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  1. I went to the Hemingway House in Key West and it was wonderful. Cats everywhere!

  2. I've been to the Hemmingway House too and adored the cats (as well as all the artifacts). Great pics!

  3. Oh, I could look at these photos all day. I didn't know Ernest H. luved cats. Luv both photos. Nice.::))

  4. You know - I would visit the Hemingway house just because of the cats.. ;")

  5. Good choice! I did Hemingway last month because of his shared passion of polydactyl favourite.
    His museum/home still has descendents from the original lineage, though now all 60+ are altered, thus ending the actuality a good thing, though the end of an era.
    Love them polys.

  6. Hi Michelle

    Thanks for hosting - great theme and photos today! Is that a Maine Coon I see with Hemmingway? I'd love to visit his house!

    I just noticed your Twitter button - I am not following you and will give a tweet about your meme - hope you'll join me on Twitter too!

    Have a fabulous day!

    Twitter: @createwithjoy1

  7. can't believe I haven't been following you all this time! Am now ;-)

    I love cats and I think it's great that there are so many at his house/museum but on the table?

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