Monday, February 28, 2011


Reading Challenge Addict

Finally, I think I've signed up for my last reading challenge for this year. *fingers crossed and willpower armed* LOL!

I've signed up for 20 challenges for 2011 and I'm involved in 4 perpetual challenges.  Each challenge on the list can be clicked to my original post (all posts have sign-up info) on my challenge blog or you can visit my challenge blog HERE.

First of all, I'm a Reading Challenge Addict! I'm signing up for Cheryl (CMash Loves to Read) and Gina's (Hott Books) Reading Challenge Addict challenge under the Out of this World-16+ challenges level.  (Click the button at the top of the post to find out more and for sign up)

2011 Reading Challenges

Alphabet Challenge
What an Animal Reading Challenge IV
Classics Challenge 2011
2011 Fairy Tale Challenge
Monthly Mix-Up Mania Reading Challenge (this one lasts until March of 2013!)
A-Z Mystery Author Challenge
Historical Fiction Challenge 2011
Chunkster Challenge 2011
The Dewey Decimal Challenge
Public Domain E-Book Challenge
Valley of the Kings Reading Challenge 2011
2011 Fantasy Reading Challenge
2011 Book Blogger Recommendation Challenge
2011 Audio Book Challenge
1001 Books You Must Read Before You Die
GLBT Challenge 2011
Historical Tour De Genre
Horror and Urban Fantasy Reading Challenge
2011 Stephen King Challenge
Outdo Yourself Reading Challenge 2011

Perpetual Challenges

Agatha Christie Reading Challenge
The Stephen King-Richard Bachman Perpetual Challenge

I am also the host of the following perpetual challenges.  If you would like more info and/or would like to sign up, visit the dedicated blogs...

The Michener Challenge HERE
101 Fantasy Reading Challenge HERE

Personal Challenges

1001 Books You Must Read Before You Die (on goodreads)
Reading Deliberately...My Way's your challenge addiction?


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  1. Good luck with all your challenges! You sound like me - I've joined up with alot too. They are so addictive!

  2. We're so happy to have you with us! Good luck!!

  3. I don’t see how you keep up with what you’re reading for each challenge. I have not gotten into challenges because I don’t want the pressure of having to do something in a certain time period, but I certainly admire you and other readers who can handle them.

  4. Challenges are so addicting, aren't they? I thought I was done for the year, but you've signed up for a few I hadn't heard of ....must resist...ack! *L*

  5. By Fire by Water sounds pretty good. I'll have to look for it.

    This year I've cut way down on the challenges. I never do well. I'm doing the e-reader challenge, and the out do yourself challenge. Those are the only 'formal' ones I'm doing. And the 75 book challenge that are on various places in cyberland, I'm at book 13 I think, it's a slow year. Still doing the 101 books in 1,001 days (read 101 bios/autobios/memoirs). Not sure where my numbers are, somewhere in the range of 15 books. Got a ways to go.

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