Monday, January 31, 2011


Random Magic Tour: Vive L’Amour
Feb. 1-14, 2011

Tour organization: Lyrika Publicis
Tour prize coordinator: vvb32
Contact the tour: @RandomMagicTour

Win a sweet prize!
Play to win: The Language of Flowers
or Love: A Treasury of Verse

Feb. 1
Top Five: Most romantic flowers

Feb. 2
Twitter: @lindsiking
Top Five: Tempting sweets and treats

Feb. 3
Top Five: Vintage Valentines and quotes

Feb. 4
Romantic Reads - Reading circle
Discover some wonderful stories about love,
handpicked by a great group of international bloggers.

Twitter: @MissIrenne

Twitter: @Misha_1989

Twitter: @BooksAtTinas

Feb. 5
Twitter: @taramq
Top Five: Delightful dishes

Feb. 6
Top Five: Romantic places

Feb. 7
Twitter: n/a
Top Five: Aphrodisiacs

Feb. 8
Top Five: Fictional lovers

Feb. 9
Twitter: @Misha_1989
Top Five: Most romantic movies

Feb. 10
Top Five: Most unconventional couples

Feb. 11
Top Five: Mojo magic

Feb. 12
Twitter: @MissIrenne
Top Five: Historical lovers

Feb. 13
Twitter: @vvb32reads
Top Five: Most romantic poems

Feb. 14
He Said/She Said: Musical blog hop
Romance, flirting, mad passion,
melancholy regret and bitter heartbreak…
Find songs that share every nuance of love
from male and female points of view,
on this sweet musical blog hop!

Music hop menu (courtesy vvb32)

Twitter: @vvb32reads

Twitter: @BooksAtTinas

Twitter: @MissIrenne

Twitter: @taramq

Join me on the 10th for my Top 5 Unconventional Lovers and on the 14th for the music hop...and don't forget to check out the rest of the tour.  It's sure to be a romantic romp for Valentine's season!

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