Wednesday, December 1, 2010


As many of you know, 2010 has not really been my year.  I had a near fatal cellulitis infection in my left leg over the summer for which I was hospitalized for nine days and then on home health care with IV antibiotics for another six weeks.  My leg is still a problem so I can't be on my feet a lot which really hampers me in finding a job and I lost a lot of hair because of the medicine.  I'm not bald, but if I wouldn't have had thick hair to begin with, I would be! Add that we are in major debt and the culmination is that we are losing our house.  We are trying to work out a short sale, but if it doesn't pan out, we go into foreclosure.  So we are weekend.  We already found an apartment and we are moving from a 3 bedroom house to a 2 bedroom apartment...ugh! Where am I going to put all my books (I'll find room...LOL)?! So, the reason I'm letting you all know all this is because I'm asking you to bear with me.  I'm probably not going to have a whole lot of time for blogging because of the move and Christmas and I'm already SO behind on reviews.  To my readers, I apologize for the erratic blogging.  I plan to keep blogging, but if I disappear for several days at a time, you'll know why.  To authors and publishers, if I have promised to review a book for you over the past few months, I apologize for the delay.  Just know that I am still reviewing them, it's just slow going right now.  I'm hoping that 2011 will be a much better year.  *Hopeful*
Now the call for help is regarding my Sharing the Joy event over at my Christmas blog, The Christmas Spirit.  I'm just not going to have as much time to come up with all the Christmas content I was planning so I really need guest posts...PLEASE (I'll put in a good word for you with Santa *grin*).  A post can be about a favorite family tradition or memory, top ten lists of favorite Christmas books, movies, music, an original poem or story, a favorite recipe or craft....the possibilities are pretty endless.  If you would like to help out, just email me at truebookaddictATgmailDOTcom  If you have another idea for a post that I didn't mention, just let me know.  I really would be extremely grateful for your help!

I appreciate you all and I thank you for your understanding.  =O)

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