Monday, February 1, 2010

Mini Review--Zodicat Speaks by Doctor Zodicat

Zodicat Speaks: Discover Your Cat's Astrological Signature, an adorable book that basically allows you to determine your cat's sign (if you know their exact or approximate birthdate).  If you are not sure of their birthdate, there is a section at the beginning that helps you determine their sign in three easy steps.  Since I know the exact birthdate of my cat, Alis (February 24, 2007), I found out that her sign is Pisces.  Here are some characteristics of the Pisces cat from the book:

PISCES (February 19/20 to March 19/20)

Mode:  Mutable
Element:  Water
Rulership:  Neptune

Pisces and Aries are adjacent signs, yet they couldn't have less in common.  The first and last signs of the Zodiac, they represent the beginning and end of the life cycle.  Aries is like the newborn, brimming with untamed impulses, whereas Pisces is the sage--compassionate, wise, and empathic.  This is the pet that senses your feelings, reflects your mood, and offers you comfort when you're feeling blue.  Pisceans do, however, have ideas of their own.  Ruled by fanciful Neptune, they are dreamers who live in an enchanted world that few can enter.

  • Turning banal circumstance into full-blooded drama--the fur along a Piscean spine can go rigid at the spectre of a mark on the floor (on a good day, a Piscean back goes up at the sight of the floor itself)
  • Staring at walls
  • staring at corners
  • Giving you a good scolding when you need it
  • Disapprove if they catch you feeling sorry for yourself
  • Believe that life is brief and should be filled with as much light-hearted play as possible
  • Consider their visions and fantasies to be as real as anything else
  • When hunting, do not distinguish rubber bands and cellophane from mice
  • Regard themselves as figments of their own imagination
Zodicat's Guide to Pisces

Life Ambition:  None
Pet Peeve:  Missing a nap
Favorite Pastime:  Chasing shadows
Ultimate Pleasure:  Dozing off
Moment of Truth:  Waking up
Highest Expression of Love:  Total identification with the loved one
Karmic Downfall:  Reality
Traumatic Past-Life Experience:  Forced to hunt for food
Possible Professions:  Mystic, martyr, healer
Appropriate Names:  Gandhi, Sebastian, Joan, Tammy-Faye LOL!

This describes darling Alis very well.  She can be a handful, but she's very loving and sweet.  I enjoyed reading this book and finding more insight into Alis.  I've had this book for a few years and I plan on keeping it so I can analyze any future kitties that come into my household!

This was my January read for:

FTC Disclaimer:  This book was purchased by me and is from my personal library.


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  1. Super cute! Thanks for the review! Glad you're enjoying the challenge!

  2. I'm so glad I read this. I now have the perfect birthday gift idea for a close friend.

  3. That is just fun - I remember at the movie theater when I was a kid they had the rolled up scrolls for each month of your horoscopes.

    Great memories....

    Love the valentine background :)

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